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Death Penalty Another View

Xiaohua Zhu WITH the execution of Karla Tucker in Texas at the beginning of February, the campaign against the death penalty became most vociferous. Many religious and state leaders expressed adamant opposition to her execution and to the capital punishment in general. Major newspapers carried the story on the from page. People from various countries and background including certain relatives of Tucker's victims also pleaded for clemency for her and for the abolition of the death penalty. In view of the high emotions on this issue, it is necessary to put the controversy on the death penalty into perspective.

Asia s Lesson Is to Beef Up the Image

Dal should clarify for itself, and for all women, what its relationship with the Indian women's movement, with which it should definitely have a relationship, is to be. There is one tendency that the Mahila Dal will have to guard against most vigilantly and that is for the party to be turned into an elitist one with the well-off, middle class, well-educated women monopolising leadership positions in it and made candidates to fight the elections. The Mahila Dal will need to watch out and ensure that it does not put up candidates who will serve only as proxies for men.

Anti-Dumping Measures-Time to Roll Them Back

another law similar to the SICA for similarly dealing with the problems of sickness of companies outside the purview of IDRA. It is not clear how sickness would be defined in the case of such companies and what would be the prescription for them. In the case of a finance company or a company engaged in providing technical consultancy, for instance, how will sickness be defined and how and for what purpose such sick companies would be sold, has not been spelt out.

Diminishing Returns from Unilateral Trade Sanctions

Trade Sanctions Xiaohua Zhu Considering their overall political and economic effects at the domestic and international levels, the case for eschewing unilateral trade sanctions is strong on both grounds of principle and for the enlightened self-interest of the countries concerned.

Sino-US Piracy Dispute Neither Mountain nor Molehill

government and is its ally, and hence, a tax on them would not be quite appropriate. But to receive the appreciation from the IMF, the budget deficit has to be cut. Hence, additional taxes on those who are forced to pay and fewer government schools and hospitals, are the result. In essence then, what the IMF loans do, is they allow the wealthy whether rural or urban

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