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How Green Is the Indian Green Revolution

The term 'green revolution' suffers from the word 'revolution'. The word revolution stands for a sharp break from the situation that existed before the revolution. It implies also that transformation can be attained quickly. Thus defined, 'revolution9 is the milestone around the green revolution's neck and many of the ills ascribed to the green revolution flow from it.

Drought in Maharashtra

In the annals of Indian agriculture, 1972 will be remembered as mother "Year of the Drought1*. It is not the worst recorded, yet it is bad enough in large areas of the country to create landmarks of misery all of their own for tens of millions of people.

New Ceiling Round and Implementation Prospects

Prospects Wolf Ladejinsky In the months of April, May and June 1972, no problem facing the country evoked such life and death urgency as ceilings on land ownership.

Land Ceilings and Land Reform

Wolf Ladejinsky Any meaningful land reform without a land ceiling programme is a misnomer, while its presence is one of the main causes of the few reforms which have succeeded.

Green Revolution in Bihar- The Kosi Area A Field Trip

Till the other day, Purnea and Saharsa were very backward rural districts. With the Kosi irrigation scheme gradually coming into its own, they are less so now. Basic technological changes are taking place on holdings with assured water supply and for farmers with resources to acquire inputs other than water.

The Green Revolution in Punjab-A Field Trip

This paper presents the findings of two brief trips earlier this year through two of the principal districts of Punjab.
The "Green Revolution" is very much in evidence in Punjab

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