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Dangerous Drugs

Wishvas Rane The Indian drug control authorities should take immediate steps to ensure that bromocriptin, a drug used for suppression of lactation in women and banned for that use in the US, is not sold for these indications here.

Drug Prices How Stable

Wishvas Rane While drug prices appear to have stabilised in the first six months of the year, this is not an indication of a trend, for it has to be seen in the context of the very high price rise in the previous six months.

Farmers Rally against GATT Proposals

Bill therefore would deserve to be withdrawn or deleted. We support the proposed amendments to the Representation of the People Act subject to two changes, namely (a) provision regarding relgious name of a party be deleted and (b) decisions regarding cancellation of registration of political parties under Section 29B be entrusted to the Election Commission. This would require changes in the composition of the Election Commission. It must have at least three members with at least one judicial member. A law must be passed to set up Election Tribunals on the lines of the Administrative Tribunals. Such a law can be passed under Article 323B of the Constitution. Such tribunals would deal with election petitions ABOUT a lakh farmers across the country and farmers' leaders and scientists from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, South Korea, Brazil, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, and Thailand participated in a day long rally in Bangalore on October 2 to protest against Uruguay Round proposals that they claim would have devastating effects on their livelihoods in general and on their control of seeds in particular. Some of the foreign delegates felt that it was by far the largest public display of opinion anywhere in the world cither for or against the controversial trade talks being held in Geneva under the auspices of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GAIT).

Rising Drug Prices

Wishvas Rane Prices of all categories of drugs have continued to increase. While the price rise in essential drugs will directly hurt consumers, industry's ploy of hiking the prices of non-essentials but at the same time push-selling them will have a devastating long-term impact.

Rising Prices of Indian Drugs

Wishvas Rane The generalised price rise in pharmaceutical products in the last year or so is particularly significant because it is sharpest for drugs which are extensively used and for long periods.

Slow Death for Mentally Retarded

and have become paupers.
Though the government has been acquiring land from the tribals for a pittance, it has been filling its coffers by selling or leasing out land in the same locality and in cases even the same land at high prices. For instance, the tribals displaced by the Tenughat Power Project were given compensation at the rate of only Rs 1,200 per acre but the same land was leased out for 90 years at the rate of Rs 20,000 per acre. Similarly, the displaced of the coal mining project of the Central Coal fields (CCL) in Bermo were paid at the rate of Rs 17,000 per acre by the CCL, whereas it paid Rs 1.10 lakh per acre Tor the government land, which it needed to acquire. These are only a few instances of how the tribals are being uprooted in the name of development without being rehabilitated. But as the example of the Koel-Karo project shows, this cannot continue for long.

Rise in Drug Prices since 1987-An Analysis

Drug prices in the country have risen sharply as a result of the Drug Price Control Order of 1987 which allowed higher mark ups on the entire range of pharmaceuticals. A product-by-product analysis of the price rise.


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