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On the Dynamics of Time-varying Fiscal Multipliers

The dynamic transmission and the effectiveness of the Indian public expenditure shock are analysed. The article uses a time-varying parameter vector autoregressive model with stochastic volatility to compute the time-varying Indian public expenditure multiplier and employ Bayesian regression consequently to examine its determinants.


Words That Send Waves to the Indian Stock Market

The study draws attention to the Reserve Bank of India’s communication as a policy tool and its impact on market participants. It first aims to quantify the qualitative variable—communication by employing textual analysis methods. The investigation starts by extracting the tone of monetary policy statements and trace its transmission on market sentiment in the presence of various informational, macroeconomic, and financial controls. The work concludes that market participants draw inferences from the tone of the RBI’s monetary policy statement and update their information set about the present state and prospects. 

Understanding Systemic Symptoms of Non-banking Financial Companies

The riskiness of banks (public and private) and non-banking financial companies listed on the stock exchange is examined by measuring their extent of interconnectedness at the lowest tail (1%) quantile. Using the macro risk and balance sheet variables under the directional connectedness framework, this study finds the underperforming periods of Indian banks and NBFCs. The findings are consistent with the systemic risk rankings of the Reserve Bank of India for the domestic banks and systemically important NBFCs.

Psychology of Education

Education given through Islamic religious institutions such as 'makatib' and 'madrasas' has failed to equip students to face life in the wider world. It makes for a narrowness of view that makes integration into the mainstream difficult.

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