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Dilemma of Technological Choice Revisited

Case of Combine Harvester Ward Morehouse This paper argues that the dilemma of technological choice in the manufacture and use of small tractors remains. However, its parameters have changed. Where a decade ago there was considerable divergence between enterprise specific interests and broad societal interests, today the short-term societal and enterprise benefits are less divergent. However, the long-term social costs are shrouded in uncertainty.

Technology and Enterprise Performance in the Indian Tractor Industry-Does Self-Reliance Measure Up

in the Indian Tractor Industry Does Self-Reliance Measure Up ?
Ward Morehouse The Indian tractor industry provides an opportunity to examine the basis for the conventional wis- dom that while technological self-reliance is an attractive political slogan, in the real world where invest' ment decisions and technological choices are made, foreign technology is preferred because it is better.

Dilemma of Technological Choice-The Case of the Small Tractor

The Case of the Small Tractor G S Aurora Ward Morehouse In this article the authors have taken up a single developmental event to illustrate the conflicts which invariably accompany attempts to introduce indigen ms technology in the face of the existing preference for foreign technology. The paper thus indicates certain fundamental issues that need to be resolved before indigenous technology can flourish.

R and D and India s Industrial Future

Ward Morehouse The rapid growth of modern science and technology since Independence suggests that India is on the 'threshold' between 'colonial' science and 'independent' science. The opportunities and challenges lie within industry itself

International Social Science-Some Political Aspects A Comment

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