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Indonesian Politics Some Pre-Colonial Aspects

futile bid for leadership of the state. It cannot be forgotten that it was Kama- raj who was almost lynched when it came to the earlier bid for national subversion through the so-called defence of Mother Cow. It was Kamaraj who prevented Morarji from realising his personal ambitions through which reaction had hoped to seize control at least a decade ago. It was Kamaraj who protested vehemently when the rupee was devalued on orders emanating from the Potomac. The party he helped to father was utterly in contrast to the entire record and essence of the man. The same can also be said about his mass base in Tamil Nadu. It is no use in denying the affiliations he had with the men of wealth in his home-state; but, at the same time, the persons who' would respond to his call and to his personality were the submerged and the semi-submerged. And the digits of their consciousness comprised a confused, and even wayward, radicalism. It was and is a mass base that would in no way resist any effort at radical socioeconomic transformations. Indeed, it could also he, and would have to be, mobilised for such transformation. To a lesser degree, this would apply also to its cadres at various levels- There is every reason, therefore, for those in Tamil Nadu who would like the state to return to the progressive currents of the national mainstream to pay particular attention to the cadres and the followers of the departed leader. All the more so, since there is no group which can take over and run his party in his name.
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