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A Socialist Cry for Civilisational Change: COVID-19 and the Failure of Neo-liberalism

A destroyed society has been confronted by a cruel virus. The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the failure of the capitalist and neo-liberal regime in controlling the virus. In these times, people have shown their support for a democratic socialist state that places the health of its populace at its centre. Now, the politicians need to listen.

A World of Migrants

Migration from North Africa is forced by the destruction of poorer nations by unfair trade policies and environmental crises. Refusal by the European and other advanced capitalist countries to acknowledge the root causes and own up to their responsibilities have blurred the line between life and death for migrants travelling through the Sahara to reach the Mediterranean.

Gaza, the Ruin

Gaza Unsilenced edited by Refaat Alareer and Laila El-Haddad, Charlottesville: Just World Books, 2015; pp 320, $21.

Gaza: A History by Jean-Pierre Filiu, New York: Oxford University Press, 2014; pp 422, Rs 2,722.98.

The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza by Max Blumenthal, New Delhi: LeftWord Books, 2015; pp XXV +261, Rs 325.

Shell-Shocked: On the Ground under Israel's Gaza Assault by Mohammed Omer, New York: OR Books, 2015; pp 304, $20.

Modi's Visit to Silicon Valley

As faculty who engage South Asia in our research and teaching in the United States (US), we write to express our concerns about the uncritical fanfare being generated over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley to promote “Digital India” on 27 September 2015.

Between India and Israel

The Evolution of India's Israel Policy: Continuity, Change, and Compromise since 1922 by Nicolas Blarel; New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2015; pp 472, Rs 995.

India and the Israeli War on Palestine

India's reaction to the latest attacks by Israel on Palestinians in the Gaza strip betrays a poor understanding of the acts of an occupying power against a colonised people.

The Dignity of Santana Mondal

Santana Mondal, a dalit woman supporter of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), was attacked by Trinamool Congress men for defying their diktat and exercising her franchise. This incident illustrates the nature of the large-scale violence which has marred the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal. Serious allegations of booth capturing and voter intimidation  have been levelled against the ruling TMC. 

Lifting the Siege on Iran

The deal over Iran's nuclear programme may well indicate a historic shift in the power balance in west Asia. That such an agreement was reached despite the opposition from Israel and Saudi Arabia is signifi cant. The positive implications of making this deal permanent are many but the coming months will tell us whether the United States really has turned the corner over its old shibboleth.

Global Perestroika

If the developing world has to resolve the paradox of extreme poverty amidst high economic growth, they will have to adopt an alternative framework to promote inclusive   development where principles of universal access to basic needs and social wage are given prominence. 

Viva Chávez!

Hugo Chavez came a long way from being a military offi cer attempting a coup to overthrow Venezuela's corrupted politicoeconomic system to leading the "Bolivarian movement" which resulted in massive transformations and support from the Venezuelan people. His death means that his successor has huge shoes to fi ll, but all indications show that the political space is now prepared to continue Chavismo without Chávez.

On Imperialist Intervention

This is with reference to Stuart Schaar’s review (23 February) of my book, Arab Spring, Libyan Winter (LeftWord 2012). My book conveys three related arguments.


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