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Recycling Mill Land

From the perspective of Mumbai's economy, the controversy over developing land of the closed textile mills is linked to the decline of manufacturing and the rise of services. This has pushed skilled labour into the informal sector resulting in the dramatic reduction of their income, which has also pushed them into informal housing. How should a city cope with such a process in terms of the impact on the economy, employment, land use and environment?

Regulating Urban Land

Despite having been in existence for nearly 30 years, there are little visible signs that the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976 has been effectively implemented in Maharashtra. This article looks at possible reasons for the act�s retention in Maharashtra, when it has been repealed by most other states. It suggests other alternatives to ensure that the laudable objectives as originally envisioned by the act could still be achieved.

Would Decentralisation Have Made a Difference?

Mumbai needs governance of a different kind, decentralised to a local level and run by individuals more clearly answerable for their local performance, rather than being run by ministers who have state-wide responsibilities and constituencies. This article describes current planning procedures, and looks at a Canadian alternative based on public participation, consensus building and a devolution of local planning to local authorities. It also suggests that the mayor-in-council system of governance, successfully pursued in Kolkata, might have produced a more effective response to the disaster.

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