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ANDHRA PRADESH- Singing about Dark Times

builders' representatives, had highlighted the conditions prevailing in the industry in its (1968) report. It had emphasised the casual and seasonal nature of work here and suggested concrete proposals for the improvement of working conditions, such as de- casualisation schemes, governmental planning and co-ordination, training, watch over the unregulated entry of contractors, measures to ensure benefits to the workers, etc. Measures such as these would go a long way towards doing away with the very basis for the permanent absorption demands. Periodically ILO reports have also emphasised the need for rational organisation of construction to protect workers' interests. However, todate, no measures remotely resembling any of these have been taken up.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Tendu Leaf Labourers in Telangana-Working Conditions and Struggles

ANDHRA PRADESH Tendu Leaf Labourers in Telangana Working Conditions and Struggles VG "IT is the experience of all the states that the nationalisation (of Tendu Leaf Trade) not only brought extra revenue to the states, but also ensured payment of reasonable minimum wages to the collectors ..." as observed by National Commission on Agriculture. But the experience of Apdhra Pradesh does not confirm this. Tendu leaf trade was nationalised in AP according to The Andhra Pradesh Minor Forest Produce (Regulation of Trade) Act, 1971', (APMFP) "to make provision for regulating in the public interest ... by creation of a state monopoly trade ..," Let alone a pretentious phrase like "public interest", even the two results traced out by the NCA were not the effects of nationalisation. The facts show that "extra revenue" was brought about by the" bidding capacity or generosity of the contractors. In fact, they alone have the power to monitor and manipulate that "extra revenue to the state". On the other hand, nationalisation has not ensured payment of reasonable minimum wages to the collectors. In fact, higher

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