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The 'Foster Parent Industry' of Norway

The case of the two Indian children who have been taken away in Norway by the welfare services from their biological parents is part of a larger phenomena - the "foster parent industry". The Nordic Committee for Human Rights, founded by professionals from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland has noted that this is a typical case of the Norwegian welfare state's policy of breaking up families and taking children into care. These children are invariably traumatised and become the future clients of an ever-expanding social welfare services network.

Politics of Childhood

While there is growing concern with issues of children's rights, a Eurocentric perspective has dominated discourses on the subject. This article argues that for a truer perspective to emerge, it is vital to relate the debate to the contemporary Indian reality - the immediate environment, the inherited socio-cultural aspects and issues of gender and caste.

Communalism and the Threat to Diversity-A Report

Communalism and the Threat to Diversity A Report DISTURBING events in the recent past in the country's body politic have caused a lot of concern to many Indians. Many have sat and watched helplessly as the country's social fabric is being rent apart with communal and caste riots which have brought us dangerously close to a civil war-like situation. This prompted a group of intellectuals, activists and others from all walks of life alt over India to get together and issue a call for a convention to discuss precisely these disturbing events. The 'Call

ASSAM- Reservation Struggle

July 5,19.6 notorious Bhumi Sena, a private army of the Kurmi landlords, early this year. It set an example for the whole of Bihar. The 'sense of security

Yes, Zia Can Be Our Friend

Yes, Zia Can Be Our Friend Dev Nathan Vasanthi Raman THE question of supply of arms (whether America:) or Chinese) to Pakistan is last becoming a central question of Indian politics. Not that arms to Pakistan themselves are so important, but the attitude taken to this issue is dependent on one's attitude to what are the central issues in Indian politics today, viz, the attitude to Indian expansionism and its backer, Soviet social- imperialism. The CPI and the CPI(M) have exposed the sham nature of their opposition to Indira Gandhi by welcoming her stands on Pakistan and other related foreign policy matters.

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