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ANDHRA PRADESH- The Police and Shakila-Findings of a Women s Group

November 10, 1979 The rake's progress in consumption of energy is not to be seen only in agriculture. Railway traction is another case in point. Nearly 50 per cent of the goods traffic on the Indian railways is moving on diesel traction at present, as against 15 per cent on electricity and 35 per cent on steam. The use of oil as fuel and motive power in industries is also a gross wastage. The fact indeed is that the pattern of energy-intensive growth has brought to a head the clash of interests in the Indian economy, society and polity and this clash is expressing itself most sharply in the deepening energy crisis. The need is no less than a radical restructuring of the energy base of the economy and regulation of the energy ANDHRA PRADESH production and consumption pattern to ensure optimal returns from available energy.
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