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Beyond Demography-Towards Interdisciplinary Exploration

Examining the state of both the demographic and social situation in India the author elaborates on the failure of the discipline specific approach in solving the problems created by the complex industrial civilisation. Relating the demographic-social predicament to the state of knowledge and its uses the paper argues the case for population studies informed by a multi-disciplinary perspective.

POPULATION-Prospectives for the 1981 Census

August 6, 1977 as young boys, bachelors, widows and widowers, la all these instances, people belonging to the scheduled castes were especially victimised.

ELECTIONS-Family Planning and Election Manifestos

March 5, 1977 marily on the situation and mood of the masses, and on what live links they can build with sections of workers not in their fold. It might be difficult for some people to understand the reason of the anti- ruling party mood of the working class masses. The workers had not put up any resistance to the Emergency; they had not even voiced their displeasure. Then why the anti-Congress and anti- Emergency mood now?

Hindus, Muslims and the Demographic Balance in India

Balance in India Vasant P Pethe According to the 1971 Census of Population, there has been a higher rate of growth of the Muslim population than of the Hindu population. Obscurantists among the Hindus have used these Census results to propagate the view that Hindus should not adopt family planning and birth control, as this might reduce them to a minority 'in their own land'.
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