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Spiritual Solutions to Problems of Productivity

Productivity Vasant Gumaste Productivity, Innovation, Management and Development by P N Rastogi; Sage Publications, New Delhi; pp 263, Rs 185.
THERE is no need to belabour the role of non-economic factors in influencing the process and pace of economic development of a country. Nevertheless, there is no disputing that rising productivity coming through technological innovations is the very essence of economic development. Reaching the Pareto opti- mality on the production possibility frontier and then continuously pushing it outward is accomplished through productivity gains and technological innovations.

Anatomy of In-House R and D-A Case Study of Indian Automobile Industry

A Case Study of Indian Automobile Industry Vasant Gumaste Indian industry has responded to the government's promotional measures to encourage in-house R and D by setting up R and D departments. The number of such R and D units and the money they spend have grown considerably over the last four decades. But what are the concrete results? How strong is the technological capability of Indian industry today? How effective is it in enabling the country to be technologically self-reliant? This study is based on discussions with the principals, the men in the wings and those behind the scenes in one industry

Anti-Poverty Programmes

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