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The Sachin I Knew

It was because of his pragmatism that some thought Sachin's Economic Weekly did not reflect any social philosophy. But the discerning readers could notice the strong undercurrent of free and fearless inquiry into social processes.

Unconventional Scholars

Passions and Craft: Economists at Work, edited by Michael Szenberg; The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1998; pp xv + 307, $22.95

Man for All Seasons

John Maynard Keynes, Volume Three, Fighting for Britain 1937- 1946 by Robert Skidelsky; Macmillan, London, 2000; pp 561, price not mentioned

Japanese Civil Service System

The Japanese civil service has acted as a facilitator for economic growth through private enterprise and has been instrumental in the development of Japan from an authoritarian command economy into a democratic, market-oriented economy. It is a model that emerging market economies of Asia can follow.

OBITUARY-S Jagannathan

within which she has functioned.
It has been convenient for political critics to peg on to the fact that Lakshmi Parvati is a woman and a woman who belongs to,a backward caste, and is being discredited by the mate heirs because of these factors. It is not necessary at this point to waste ink and paper on the traditions that men in mainstream politics represent or uphold. The important question is what is the culture that women in mainstream politics uphold.

Strengthening the Banking System

V V Bhatt The finance ministry's Discussion Paper on public sector banks fails to deal with vital issues relating to the operational autonomy of public sector banks, the levels of CRR and SLR, the development orientation of the system and the institutional set-up for evaluation and financing of public- sector infrastructure projects.

Economic Policies and Institutions in Japan

Economic Policies and Institutions in Japan V V Bhatt Japanese Capital Markets edited by Shingjl Takoji; Basil Blackwell, Cambridge,
Japanese Monetary Pulley edited by Kenneth J Singleton; National Bureau of Economic Research Publication, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, USA,

Financial System A Development Perspective

Financial System: A Development Perspective V V Bhatt Financial System for Economic Development by R S Bhatt; N M Tripathi,
THE Indian financial system as it has evolved is comparable in many respects with the financial systems of the most advanced developing countries as welt as some of the developed countries. It has a well diversified structure of financial institutions and instruments and a distinct development orientation. This is the result of the innovative role played by the Reserve Bank of India and the government. Equally significant has been contribution of the entrepreneurial talents and managerial competence of a few individuals who have shaped its system. One such entrepreneur- manager is R S Bhatt who founded the Bombay State Financial Corporation in 1953. the Indian Investment Centre in I960, the Unit Trust of India in 1964 and the Merchant Banking Division of the Stale Bank of India in 1973 and managed the National Research Development Corporation of India during 1975-80, Few entrepreneur-managers have the ability to reflect on their experience and present their reflections as the lessons of experience in a lucid, persuasive and transparent style. Bhatt has this rare ability which is reflected in this book.

On Restructuring the Financial System

While sharing the concern of the Committee on the Financial System about the urgency of financial sector reforms, the soundness of the committee's recommendations on functional autonomy for banks and financial institutions, on the proposed Asset Reconstruction Fund, on rural development banking and on the IDBI is questionable.


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