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Strategies for Equity Ifzal Ali B M Desai R Ramakrishna V S Vyas This paper attempts to focus on the prospects and problems of Indian agriculture by the turn of the century. Its emphasis is mainly on issues relating to distribution, and the increasing of the purchasing power of the poorest segments of the population.


of Kerala Joan P Mencher The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature of agrarian relations in the two main rice regions of Kerala, Kuttanad (a low-lying area covering parts of Alleppey, Kottayam and Quilon Districts) and Palghat, in order to examine one, forces interfering with production and, secondly, the elms relations that serve to impede a more equitable distribution of food and other commodities. The paper describes some of the striking contradictions in each area, and offers some tentative predictions for their future development.

Structural Change in Agriculture and the Small Farm Sector

Structural Change in Agriculture and the Small Farm Sector V S Vyas A comparison of the population data for 1961 and 1971 shows that in the rural work force the number of cultivators and 'other workers' has decreased, while that of agricultural labourers has increased significantly. This has prompted some scholars to conclude that the process of proletarianisation in the rural areas is growing apace.

National Food Policy in the Framework of a National Food Budget

a National Food Budget V S Vyas S C Bandyopadhyay Interest in food policy in our country varies inversely with the ease in food availability. A great deal of concern is expressed and a variety of steps are undertaken when the country is faced with scarcity. But as soon as conditions become slightly more favourable, all the brave words are forgotten and once again we relapse into an atmosphere of euphoria.

Regional Imbalances in Foodgrains Production in Last Decade- Some Preliminary Results

Production in Last Decade Some Preliminary Results V S Vyas This paper seeks to (1) examine whether there was greater regional imbalance in per hectare production of food- grains in the country at the end of the 1960s compared to the beginning of the same decade; (2) identify the states which have improved their performance in this regard and the stales whose performances has deteriorated; (3) find out the contribution of different crops in the improvement or deterioration of the relative performance of different states; and (4) analyse the contribution of area under and productivity of different crops in explaining the differences in the production of foodgrains in different states.

Implementation of Tenancy Legislation

August 19, 1972 French influence in the region. India, on the other hand, comes far behind China on France's list of priorities.
West European interest in Latin America is evident, Some Europeans clearly feel they should take a greater interest in the continent now that it is trying to free itself of American domination. The fact that the Andean group is essentially anti-American probably adds to its importance in their eyes. But to secure an effective foothold in Latin America, the West European countries will have to work with Brazil and Argentina even more than with the Andean Group. These are political decisions, of course, which is why the European Commission hopes that the European summit will both take place as planned, and that the heads of State will find the time tor the EEC's relations with the Third World. Unfortunately, according to latest reports from Paris, monetary issues threaten once again to regulate everything else into the background.

Tenancy in a Dynamic Setting

V S Vyas The tenant is taken, by researchers as well as by policy-makers, to be a small ill-equipped farmer, rack-rented and otherwise exploited by the landowner. There is much validity in this description of landowner-tenant relations in a stagnant, traditional agrarian system. But once this situation changes and some dynamism is injected into the agricultural sector, this description and the policy prescription implicit in it

New Agricultural Strategy and Small Farmers-A Case Study in Gujarat

Review of Agriculture March 1969 Notes 1 For a fuller discussion of the implication of labour productivity in the agricultural sector for a wages policy, see D R Khatkhate : "towards a Meaningful Wages Policy", 2 Agricultural Labourers in Four Indian Villages (mimeographed), edited by V S Vyas, Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyapeeth, Vallabh Vidyanagar, 1964 3 "Plight of the Landless : Two Million Victims of Paralysis". Times of India, December 30, 1968.

The New Strategy- Lessons of First Three Years

The impression is widespread that areas covered by the High-Yielding Varieties Programme are given favoured treatment, in fact, there is very little to distinguish the State Governments' agricultural activities in these areas from those elsewhere, except possibly some preference shown in distribution of fertilisers.


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