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Basti Redevelopment in Kolkata

The proposal by the West Bengal government to permit multi-storeyed buildings on 'thika' tenancy land in Kolkata raises a lot of questions about the terms on which the land would be given to private builders and the fate of the present dwellers. Nearly three lakh people are directly and indirectly employed in basti-based manufacture of basic items in the city's economy.

CALCUTTA- Metro Project Violating Labour Laws

February 8, 1986 CALCUTTA Metro Project: Violating Labour Laws THE Association for Protection of Democratic Rights, Calcutta has recently published a report on "Calcutta's Metro Workers". This study had been motivated by the fact that there had been no documentation of the obvious exploitative conditions under which the Metro labourers work and live. The study has highlighted the living and working conditions of these workers. Some of its findings are summarised here, (a) A uniform pattern of non-payment of statutory wage rates all over the Metro works. Legally speaking, culpability would rest with the Metro Railway and the construction companies, (prime contractors) contracted for work on different sections.

LABOUR-Dadan Workers in the Calcutta Metro

LABOUR Dadan' Workers in the Calcutta Metro Sandip Bandyopadhyay V Ramaswamy CALCUTTA'S Metro Project has been variously viewed as a white elephant or as the answer to the city's transport problem or even as the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme. It is also, however, the scene of tremendous worker exploitation. The 'dadan' system is one facet of such exploitation.

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