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SOCIOLOGICAL CONFERENCE-Borrowed Ideological Framework

Borrowed Ideological Framework V R THE Indian Sociological Conference at Hyderabad last month was a signifi- cant event insofar as it showed a definite tendency on the part of sociologists to address themselves to urgent problems facing society. The Presidential address by H N Saxena on the Sociology of Development and Planning in India was in line with this trend. Saxena began by referring to the gap between the developed countries and the so-called developing countries But while there seemed to be an awareness of the nature of the relationship between the developed coun- tries and the countries of the third world, the dialectical character of this relationship was hardly stressed in the address. The dimensions of the term 'development' needed to be specified. Saxena went on to emphasise the difficulties, social and economic, that India faced when it won Independence and described the painfully slow pace of progress since then. But this factual account of the country's progress (or lack of it) was followed by the typical question, typical of those who fight shy of radical social change: "Is it ever possible for a developing society to achieve during a brief span of 20 years what took near- ly a century for the highly industrialised countries of the West to achieve since the Industrial Revolution?' FAILURE OF PLANNING The failure of the Congress Government was attributed to the split (now open) between the conservative elements and the so-called radical elements within the Congress party
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