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Population Front of India s Economic Development

The long-term perspective in the First Plan was to double the per capita income in 27years. But even in l985-86y NDP at 1970-7! prices was estimated at Rs 605.48 billion and the population at 754 million so that per capita NDP amounted to Rs 803.02. This was an increase of 71.62 per cent in 35 years, equivalent to an increase of 1.555 per cent per annum. At this rate, it would take 45 years, not 27, to double the per capita NDP. This is a glaring failure and calls for a serious examination. In this paper attention is focused on the parameters of the Indian population.

Indian Economy since Independence

Indian Economy since Independence V M Dandekar This paper discusses some of the problems of development of a poor and populous country like India wanting to remain a democracy. Economic growth is inadequate and much of it has been neutralised by population. Economic development, financed mainly by borrowing, both internal and external, does not create sufficient funds to repay the loans and the burden of debt grows. Deficit financing generates inflationary pressures causing not only economic debility but also political instability Sectoral and regional disparities grow and become politically untenable. Most probably these problems wilt remain as India enters the 21st Century.

Unitary Elements in a Federal Constitution

Unitary Elements in a Federal Constitution V M Dandekar In regard to centre-state relations, two important institutions, the Finance Commission and the Planning Commission, have tended to work in opposite directions. The Finance Commission strives to ensure the financial autonomy of the states so that they may fulfil satisfactorily the functions assigned to them by the constitution. The Planning Commission brings the states into a national plan frame and leaves them hardly any sphere which they may call their own so that the country may move, without deviation or distortion, along the path of planned development of the Planning Commission's conception.

Let the Workers Own and Manage

V M Dandekar It will be wrong to reject employee stock ownership simply because the idea has come from the governments and spokesmen of liberal capitalism and because, if accepted, it may make it easier for capitalism to manage its crises better and survive. The relevant question to ask is whether if capitalism transforms itself and survives in a new form in which the means of production are owned by the workers, will it be better or worse for labour than if capitalism continues in its present antagonistic form.

Agriculture, Employment and Poverty

V M Dandekar One of the fundamental problems of development is whether removal or alleviation of poverty can be left to the general course of economic development or whether a direct attack would be necessary and successful. The purpose of the present paper is to delineate the course of public policy and performance in India in both these directions.

Crop Insurance

the inventor of XRASERs is only too well aware. His PhD dissertation on the subject listed only science fiction novels as its references. In these post-Chernobyl days the Star Warrior kind of technical optimism is even harder to swallow. The idea of little hydrogen bomb battle-stations orbiting 22,000 miles above the earth, powerful beams flashing through heaven at the speed of light defending freedom and democracy might well be expected to capture the cowboy fantasies of Ronald Reagan. But how do such fantasies become state policy of such a technically sophisticated society?

Monetary Policy for Independent Monetary Authority

Monetary Authority V M Dandekar The report of the Committee on the Working of the Monetary System is a landmark in the literature on the subject However, there is danger that, because of its rather uncritical market orientation, it may prove a disastrous landslide.

Crop Insurance in India-A Review, 1976-77 to 1984-85

V M Dandekar In 1979-80 the General Insurance Corporation, in collaboration with the state governments, introduced a crop insurance scheme in 26 areas of Gujarat, 23 areas of West Bengal, and 17 areas of Tamil Nadu. Since then, the scheme has been extended to more areas of more states. The purpose of this paper is to trace the methodological modifications made from time to time in the original scheme, to identify certain outstanding problems and to suggest provisional solutions.

Economic Growth and Change in India-As Seen through National Income Data

Economic Growth and Change in India As Seen through National Income Data V M Dandekar India's National Income 1950-1980: An Analysis of Economic Growth and Change by V K R V Rao; Sage Publications. 1983; pp XV + 208,

Integration of Women in Economic Development

Integration of Women in Economic Development V M Dandekar That the participation of women in the labour force lags far behind that craftmen is well known. This paper presents some data regarding women's participation in economic activity in India and against this background discusses the problem of increasing women's participation in economic activity so that women may contribute to and get fully integrated in economic development.

On Measurement of Undernutrition

raises two issues of vital concern. First, the share of agriculture in national income Has been "recently declining. The constant proportion of workforce in agriculture, therefore, implies a fall in relative income per worker in agriculture. Second, there has been accelerated growth of urban population and workforce. Urban workforce is mainly non-agricultural. A rise in the proportion of urban workforce without a corresponding increase in the proportion of non-agricultural worker obviously implies a decline in the share of industries and services in rural employment which is contrary to the objective of rural industrialisation. Revaluation of policies aimed at promotion of rural industries acquires Obvious importance in this context.

On Measurement of Poverty

V M Dandekar In this paper, the author deals with the criticism levelled by V K R V Rao and P V Sukhatme against the estimate of poverty which he, along with Nilakanth Rath, had presented in "Poverty in Indid' (EPW, January 1971).


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