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Gender and Political Discourse

Gender and Political Discourse V Geetha C S LAKSHMI'S piece on 'Mother Politics' (EPW, RWS, October 20-29) in Tamil Nadu raises a whole host of questions as to how we are to consider, understand and evaluate political discourses that are gendered in very specific ways.

End of Century Socialism

wise, the derived estimate of unit capital cost would be biased upwards, as shown for a simple case outlined in a note to this write-up. Finally, I would like to point out that it is the real resource as well as the opportunity cost towards which we ultimately work so as to figure out whether minor or major irrigation is more costly. In other words, nominal costs in the accounting sense have to be duly modified: by eliminating from them tax elements if any; by adding to them hidden subsidies if any; adding suitable premium on import content of certain costs; and revising nominal costs to the extent these are based on administered prices/wages/ interest rates: No wonder, we have little firm work in this area.

Communal Violence in Madras A Portent

A Portent? V Geetha S V Rajadurai The riots which broke out following the procession of the Veer Vinayaka idol in Triplicane recently, was in large part due to the systematically planned move by Hindu communal organisations to arouse the anger of the minority community and instigate them.


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