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Health and Nutrition of India’s Labour Force and COVID-19 Challenges

Can the “post-COVID-19 normal” emerge better for India’s food supply and demand management, with a clear goal of zero hunger? Presently contributing one-third of the global undernutrition burden, a daunting challenge that the country must overcome now is of resuming broader based economic growth with a healthy labour force. Given this, India needs a data-driven exit and post-exit strategy from the COVID-19 lockdown that will not only mitigate the immediate food crisis faced by millions of poor households, but also reduce the long-term structural bottlenecks that limit poor households’ access to food.

Agricultural Price Policy

Uma Lele Agricultural price policy has remained a controversial issue over the past two decades. It has, over this period, swung from complete restoration of free trade after the Korean War boom, to virtual abolition of free trade in several parts of India by the mid-sixties.
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