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The Nano - II

A small development in the auto sector has gone unreported except in a December 2007 issue of Outlook. The Rewa battery-powered car is selling via a local distributor in London, rebranded as G-Wiz.

That Elusive $100 PC

From the days of the government's Janata PC to the promised $100 PC, our products continue to lose space to other better products. These innovations generally develop an entire system of technology that gets outmoded before their birth. Instead, would it not be a better idea to make cheap microprocessor and assembly language trainer-developer kits and market them to various organisations?

Gujarat: The Riots and the Larger Decline

Over the last two decades Gujarat's once-pioneering contributions to the country's economic, social and intellectual life have seen a steady decline. The gradual decaying of institutions, neglect of development and drying up of opportunities have fuelled discontent, most palpable among the youth, and created readily identifiable enemies who become easy targets of hatred and violence.

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