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Reservations, Federalism and the Politics of Recognition in Nepal

Affirmative action is an absolute necessity at this juncture in the history of Nepal. The question is how to create a system that best serves the long-term interests of the country's marginalised communities, as well as the nation state as a whole. If the massive machinery of India's welfare state suffers under the demands of its own reservations system, Nepal will have to think carefully about its own infrastructural limitations when crafting its version of affirmative action. One of the biggest challenges will be balancing the prerogatives of federalism with policies of reservation, which by definition require a strong central infrastructure to provide for equitable recognition and distribution of benefits.

In Search of 'Postcolonial Subjectivity'

The Insurrection of the Little Selves: The Crisis of Secular- Nationalism in India by Aditya Nigam;
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