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Medical Insurance for All

Medical Insurance for All?
Thomas Mathew PROPOSING a scheme that provides financial protection for the medical care of the poor, T N Krishnan (Hospitalisation Insurance; EPW, April 13, 1996) has put forward a hospitalisation insurance plan which is also expected to act indirectly as an income protection plan for the poor since it prevents the erosion of their already low incomes. While any plan that meets any of these two objectives should be welcomed, a scheme that supposedly fulfils both these objectives simultaneously is indeed laudable. But how far the outlined scheme is capable of realising the envisioned objectives has to be examined.

Ambedkar and Marxism

Ambedkar and Marxism Thomas Mathew GOPAL GURU has mentioned in his review of my book Ambedkar; Reform or Revolution (October 12, 1991) that it suffers from a number of serious conceptual as well as methodological limitations. The first point made is that the author has not tried to come to grips with the 'theoretical justification' for writing the book, in the preface of the book it has been briefly but clearly stated that there is a systematic effort on the part of the ruling class to domesticate Ambedkar and that there is need to oppose this stratagem by revolutionary Ambedkarite praxis. I thought this sufficiently explained the purpose and justification for writing the book.

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