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China's Unending Quest for 'Mr D' and 'Mr S'

It was the May 4th Movement which finally bid farewell to the traditional Chinese ruling ideology and began the quest for modernisation of China. This quest was vividly expressed by Chen Duxiu, a pioneer of the May 4th Movement, and founder of the CPC, in an open invitation to Democracy (Mr D) and Science (Mr S) to help rebuild China.

A Russo-Sino-Indian Strategic Triangle

In the Russo-Sino-Indian triangular alliance proposed by Russian prime minister Primakov, what is happening now is progress only in Russo-Indian and Russo-Chinese relations without a corresponding advance on the Sino-Indian side. How China and Russia have quickly developed their relations after three decades of bitter quarrel has useful pointers for India-China relations. In this context, there have been some significant cues from China which have not been understood and appreciated in India.

New Chinese Regime s Tryst with Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu

Muhajir-non-Muhajir conflict on the other, has brought Pakistan on the brink again, The ruling elite in Pakistan use the threat of Indian aggression to keep Pakistan going. But imaginary threat cannot help the ruling elite for long. There has to be a real perception of external threat for maintaining internal unity and strong feeling of inward identity.

China s Year of Four Happinesses

Tan Chung If Jiang Zemin is the man in direct succession to Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping as the third generation supremo of China, he has deliberately adopted a new style which is more or less modelled after the late premier Zhou Enlai. China's foreign policy under his leadership is a tripod standing on the three legs of summit meetings, economic collaboration and increasing contacts at the peopled level.

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