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The Banker’s Haircut

A former banker is flummoxed by the new meanings and costs of haircuts.

Trade Unions in Banks Remain Relevant

“Are Trade Unions Relevant in the Indian Banking Sector?” by Bino Paul G D and Pooja Gupta Mahurkar (EPW, 16 April 2016) contains surmises and generalisations without verifiable supporting data, apart from glaring contradictions. Further, it does not address the current challenges before bank unions.

Linguistic Monopoly?

As the state promotes the predominant use of Hindi, there is a danger of India slowly becoming a one-language nation sans a multilingual and federal identity.

'Killing the Messengers'

Your editorial “Killing the Messengers” (EPW, 11 July) on the threats to journalists is a severe indictment of the unofficial censorship rampant in the media today. As you rightly observed, 40 years after the official censorship of the press during the Emergency, the media has become more...

Refusing to See the Reality

Your editorial, “Dim Possibility of a ‘Third Alternative’” (2 November 2013), once again exposes the current weaknesses of the left parties. What is ironical is that the left, which emerged as a bulwark against the expanding industrial capitalism during the post-industrial revolution period, by...

Right of Unions to Demonstrate Peacefully

A recent ruling by the Madras High Court adjudicates in favour of trade unions' right to hold demonstrations, albeit peacefully. It also questions whether such a demonstration by a recognised offi cers' association amounts to "misconduct".

How Democratic?

The three articles in your issue dated 27 July 2013 by Anand Teltumbde (p 10), Ranjana Padhi (p 15) and N Venugopal (p 22) have a common but highly disturbing thread that raises a fundamental question about what was oncethe proud foundation of the Indian Constitution, through which a “Sovereign...

Playing with the Lives of Citizens

LETTERS Issn 0012-9976 Ever since the first issue in 1966, EPW has been India’s premier journal for comment on current affairs and research in the social sciences. It succeeded Economic Weekly (1949-1965), which was launched and shepherded by Sachin Chaudhuri, who was also the founder-editor of EPW...
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