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SIET Women s College Struggle Continues

December 25, 1982 SIET Women's College: Struggle Continues Susan M Ram PROVIDING convincing reasons for its actions, and acknowledging its accountability to the wider community is, however, hardly the name of the game for a private educational institution like SIET College which

SIET Women s College Struggle Continues

December 18, 1982 omitted sentences are also peculiar: "The Chinese government has always resolutely refused to accept: 'Aruna- chal Pradesh' which was illegally set up by the Indian government." This statement ignores a simple demographic fact that whereas the Aksai Chin area is an empty barren space, the NEFA has always been a populated and, that means inevitably, administered area. There is no 'setting up' of any kind there. Anybody who controls it has to rule it either as an agency or as a state. The last omitted sentence, a rather longish one, says that India used an international forum "to create false appearances and thereby legalise her illegal occupation of China's territory" and that this is "a highly discreditable action". By omitting these sentences from the English draft the Chinese have partly acknowledged that they could have perhaps handled the matter a little better and a little more thoughtfully. They are beating a retreat in a manner of speaking.

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