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Power - Way Towards Empowerment

Supriya R Kanetkar Women's Struggle for Political Space by Sudhir Varma; Rawat Publications, WOMEN represent half of the world's enfranchised population. In many parts of the world, they live longer than men and, therefore, form the majority of the elderly population. But they hold only 10 percent of seats in the world's parliaments a figure which has remained unchanged since 1985 and 6 per cent positions as ministers, points out Sudhir Varma in his Women's Struggle for Political Space, For a world community based on democratic principles of universal adult franchise, equality and social justice, the situation is at once disgraceful and thought provoking. On the eve of 21st century, women all over the world continue to struggle not only for political space, but also for equal social and economic status with that of the men.

Another Look at Mandalisation

into net outflows in the 1930s. Was the economy immune to all these? The only reference to external accounts is to short-term capital (171 et seq) with data from balance of payments estimates sent annually by the government to the League of Nations. I had appended these accounts to my 1963 book, to satisfy the antiquarian in many of us, and as a record for posterity which may fail to trace the original sources. I had sounded enough cautionary notes on their shortcomings. A serious researcher like Balachandran has not alerted his readers to them while examining short-term capital flows in the 1930s on their basis.
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