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Concentration and Marketpower in Indian Automotive Tyre Industry

Automotive Tyre Industry Sunil Mani Though industrial concentration at the firm and business house levels has been studied, no attempt has so far been made, in the relevant literature, to relate effects of rising concentration to market conduct variables like the pricing behaviour of firms.

Price Movements for an Agricultural Raw Material with Inventory Adjustments-Case of Indian Natural Rubber Market in 1970s

Material with Inventory Adjustments Case of Indian Natural Rubber Market in 1970s Sunil Mani This paper analyses intra-year variations in natural rubber prices during the 1970s, taking production, consumption and the share of manufacturers' stocks to total stocks as explanatory variables. Incorporation of the stock variable is an innovation in the analysis of commodity price movements, specifically those of an agricultural raw material.

Conflicts in Natural Rubber Market

Sunil Mani THE price of mixed lot rubber in the Kottayatn rubber market touched .an all-time high of Rs 18.75 per kg on May 13, 1983.* The prolonged drought in Kerala has led to a fall in production of natural rubber (NR) (though the precise fall is yet to 'be officially estimated) and hence to depletion of stocks with growers and dealers. This factor, together with the alleged speculative buying by automotive tyre manufacturers (who are the dominant consumers of NR) for fear of nonavailability of rubber, seems to have pushed up the price.


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