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World Trade and Labour

World Trade and Labour SUMITRA CHISHTI Apropos the article by Rohini Hensman,

Foreign Private Investment Evidence and Propaganda

sexuality are simply a matter of oppression and patriarchal controls. When Dietrich ended up leading one group discussion on sexuality and culture at Patna, she was attacked by others, in this case young left party activists, as if discussing the issue meant defending something like free sex! The fact that the chapter on this issue in Reflections is still one of the rare available discussions in an Indian publication shows that the issue is still sensitive; not to say avoided.

EPZs Myths and Realities

April 6, 1985 for a species to be adopted" (p 56). Moreover, the twigs and branches of the tree can be used as fuel. While refreshingly different from the hysterical outbursts of other forest officials (see for example K M Tewari's "Social Forestry in India", Dehradun, 1983), Bach keti's low-key defence does rely exclusively on Forest Research Institute data.

Forgetful of the TNCs

separating them from the rich peasant- landlord leadership and bringing them into struggles in a major way. And there is finally the problem of caste, which is interwoven with these class issues and is touched on by nearly all the authors and grappled with by Sen Gupta, but still not I think adequately analysed; it is still a major stumbling block of Indian rural movements. Das's Introduction emphasises his concern with "peasants' awareness" of the forces impinging on them, yet all contributors keep referring to harijans, a term which dalit mlitants in all the places 5 am familiar with despise: are the Biharis that different? Connected with this is the role of adivasis; the Jharkhand movement and 'Chota Nagpur' region are only touched on.

Gandhian Economics Revisited

gins". (Ahmed, 132; see''also 189-90; xi-xii, xiv).
What gets subordinated once again is the specific quality of the Consci- ousness of the masses'. Was the notion of a 'community' or 'collective'

Exports and Employment in India

Sumitra Chishti Developing countries have tended to think of growth in output and increasing employment and living levels as conflicting aims.
Stemming from this has grown the notion that there can be not only export-oriented growth but also export-oriented employment generation.

India s Terms of Trade

This article examines India's terms of trade.
Part I of the article briefly describes the debate on theoretical and empirical issues pertaining to terms of trade.

Monitoring Import of Technology into India

Review of Management May 1975 An Exploratory Study", unpublished seminar paper presented at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, 1974.

Foreign Trade and Centrally Planned Economies

Foreign Trade of Mainland China, Fen-Hwa Mah; Edinburg University Press, Edinburg, 1972; pp i-xvii +270.
How to Approach the China Market, JETRO; John Wiley, New York,

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