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Saddam Hussein, Western Imperialism and Arab Identity

and Arab Identity Sukumar Muralidharan THE supposed identity 'Saddam = Hitler', has today acquired the status of a received truth in the Anglo-American political consciousness. The Iraqi president shows no great sign of perturbation over the invidious comparison. He surely remembers from the time he was a callow 19-year old that the identity 'Nasser = Hitler', had enjoyed a similar currency in 1956. The rules of transitive logic would then imply that 'Saddam = Nasser

Electronics Liberalisation Reconsidered

Electronics: Liberalisation Reconsidered AS unbridled hope gave way to a grudging acceptance of reality in official projections on the economy last year, statements on the electronics industry seemed to reflect the changing mood in microcosm. The official Economic Survey of 1986-87, which had spoken of the economy having moved on to a "new growth path", also devoted a special section to the electronics industry, identifying it as a crucial ingredient of the new growth recipe. "The electronics industry", it said, "is emerging as a major industry in the country". Production had "grown at a rate of around 40 per cent per annum" during the previous two years, and exports were also "looking up". The growth in value terms, continued the Survey, had been especially impressive, since the period had witnessed "a significant fall in the prices of many electronic items".

The Significance of Robert M Solow

The Significance of Robert M Solow Sukumar Muralidharan ROBERT M SOLOW's place in the Nobel hall of fame is richly merited. We have heard, for instance, of his services in dulling public sensitivity to the ecological holocaust that planet earth is hurtling towards, under the impetus of today's military industrialism. ' At the same time, we are told, he has also had a role in strengthening the ideological hegemony of the 'ruling class', by engendering a limitless vision of growth possibilities in the popular understanding.2 However, neither of these characterisations does justice to the full scope of Solow's con- tribution to contemporary economic thought.

Birth of Nuclear Power Corporation

With the formation of the Nuclear Power Corporation, nuclear power will now have to adopt certain commonly understood commercial principles of accounting. As it seeks to directly tap the public for finance, the corporation will have to subject itself to a greater degree of public scrutiny than nuclear power establishments have been accustomed to. Then we would perhaps move closer to answering the questions that have for long been hanging fire about the true worth of nuclear power as a long-run energy source.

Muddling towards the Information Millennium

Muddling towards the Information Millennium Sukumar Muralidharan Moves to introduce a mobile telephone system in Bombay and Delhi are an index of the priorities ruling telecommunications planning. And in telecommunications technology development, initial inappropriate choice of technology has led to R and D effort getting trapped in trouble-shooting and adaptive work.

Poverty of Appropriate Technology

January 17, 1987 Poverty of Appropriate Technology Sukumar Muralidharan The AT Reader: Theory and Practice in Appropriate Technology edited by Marilyn Carr, Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd, London, 1985.

DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS- Retrospect on New Liberalism

and arrests of a few prominent businessmen created considerable excitement for a brief while. But, the much-advertised penal action of the tax-enforcement authorities now appears to have been a smokescreen for enlarging the scope of 'amnesty

NUCLEAR POWER-Costs of Expansion

affect the land and life of millions and millions of peasant families all over the countryside, their village communities and ultimately the nation itself. Does G V K Rao suggest the liquidation of peasant agriculture and extension of market- oriented profit-based monoculture plantations to encompass the lands that were originally under natural forests, pastures and composite foodcrop systems, thereby transforming peasant families into plantation labour and bringing about the total destruction of the life-supporting ecological endowment in the long-run?


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