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Mapping the Sites of Contestation

Political Theories and Social Reconstruction: A Critical Survey of the Literature on India by Thomas Pantham; Sage, New Delhi, 1995; pp 230, Rs 265.

Gandhi- Ambedkar Interface-...when shall the twain meet

Gandhi-Ambedkar Interface ...when shall the twain meet? Suhas Palshikar Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses are not antithetical. Both are concerned with the issue of emancipation. At present when the legitimacy of the emancipatory discourse is being challenged and the dominant discourse upholds capitalism, it is all the more essential to broaden the scope of Gandhian and Ambedkarian discourses.

MAHARASHTRA: Capturing the Moment of Realignment

This paper, based on an attitude survey of the Maharashtra voters two weeks after the voting took place for the 1995 assembly elect ion, argues that in terms of the social base, the BJP or Shiv Sena, singly, does not compare favourably with the Congress Party. Their alliance, therefore, is inevitable. In this background, the state politics is likely to witness a two-fold competition: The alliance will try to win over the remaining social base of the Congress. Simultaneously, the alliance partners will be silently engaged in usurping each other's following in a bid to replace the Congress.

Assessing Dalit Movement

At Crossroads: Dalit Movement Today edited by Sandeep Pendse; Vikas Adhyayan Kendra, Bombay, 1994: pp xiii 4132, Rs 100.
THE caste issue occupies a central position in any discussion of social transformation in the Indian context. To a large extent the credit for focusing attention on caste goes to the dalit movement. The dalit movement hammered the point that emancipation of the ex-untouchables is not an isolated task. Similarly, social transformation cannot ignore the various layers of caste discrimination.

Sealing the Fate of Non-Maratha Castes

Sealing the Fate of Non-Maratha Castes THIS is in response to Gail Omvedt


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