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UNITED STATES-Economic Platform of Republican Party

Revolution was a good propaganda point. It won and continues to win great sympathy for Deng and his China

UNITED STATES-Ronald Reagan Runs Again

UNITED STATES Ronald Reagan Runs Again?
Sudhir Sen PRESIDENT REAGAN has just authorised the formation of a re-election campaign committee. He has also signed a letter to the Federal Election Commission, saying that this committee "will be of great help to me at such time as / may make a formal decision to seek a second term". The committee, called "Reagan-Bush '84", has been formally launched (on October 17), but Reagan still remains uncommitted, as implied by the italics in the above statement. He has taken a big step towards announcing his candidacy, but it would still be premature to erase the question-mark after it.

UNITED STATES-Nicaragua under Siege

UNITED STATES Nicaragua under Siege Sudhir Sen THE drama now rapidly unfolding in Central America has all the hallmarks of a Greek tragedy; and by all indications the stage is well set for an inevitable disaster. It has also confirmed the worst misgivings a good many people had long harboured about the ulterior 'motives of Reagan, and the ultimate goals he would pursue with a foreign policy tilted towards adventurism.

UNITED STATES-Fed s Self-Made Dilemma

UNITED STATES Fed's Self-Made Dilemma Sudhir Sen THE greatest disservice the monetarists have done over the last few years is to steer the giant American economy downhill into a blind alley. Yet, now they scream in chorus when they see that the Federal Reserve Board might be trying to get out of this unholy predicament by speeding the nation's money supply.

UNITED STATES- Supply-Side Fiasco

Supply-Side Fiasco Sudhir Sen SUPPLY-SIDE economics, though at times dignified as a theory, is little more than a brainwave, unsupported by scientific analysis or empirical evidence. When Arthur Laffer, the young and ebullient professor of economics at the University of Southern California, first propounded his thesis and reportedly illustrated it with the now-famous curve first drawn on a cocktail napkin, most economists dismissed it as unworthy of serious notice while some greeted it with outright ridicule. It floated around aimlessly, but refused to die mainly because Laffer acted as its tireless trail-blazer and salesman.


ECONOMIC SUMMITS Empty Ritual Sudhir Sen SUMMITS may come and summits may go, but problems go on forever. This is, in essence, what has been happening since the first summit was convened eight years ago by the leaders of the industrial world. What was then designed as a device to tackle jointly the most pressing economic issues of the day, has in practice turned out to be an empty political exercise.

Reagan Policy in Central America

Reagan Policy in Central America Sudhir Sen LAST MONTH, in a desperate move to seil his Central American policy, if that is the right word, President Reagan gave an address to a joint session of Congress. The speech was televised nationwide at prime time. Its purpose was to persuade the lawmakers and, even more than that, to appeal to the public over their heads. The delivery was superb, but the substance was slipshod. It glittered with rhetoric and bristled with distortions. It was "like Chinese food


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