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Search for Labour Policy in India

Search for Labour Policy in India Subbiah Kannappan Labour Employment and Industrial Relations in India edited by T S Papola, P P Ghosh, and Alaka N Sharma; B R Publishing Corporation, Delhi (for the Indian Society of Labour Economics, Patna) 1993; Rs 340.

Rural-Urban Migration in Developing Nations

Rural-Urban Migration in Developing Nations Subbiah Kannappan Rural to Urban Migration and the Urban Labour Market by Biswajit Banerjee; Himalaya Publishing House (for the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi), 1986; Rs 150.

Urban Labour Market

Urban Labour Market Subbiah Kannappan MAY I comment on Indira Rajaraman's review (EPW, October 4, 1986) of my book "Employment Problems and the Urban Labour Market in Developing Nations"? This is in no sense a rejoinder, for who would cavil at a favourable review from such a skilled, innovative economist and the points she raises can be taken up elsewhere.

Labour in a Metropolis

unbroken thread of Muslim politics. "Notwithstanding the desire of a section of the elite for separating religion from politics, the stresses and strains of the situation unfolded the utility of uniting religious faith with political interest." Second, "Muslim electoral behaviour is by and large secular". Muslim support to the Congress is cited as an instance. However, the author is not unmindful of the dichotomy in the two formulations and concedes that "with this process of political fragmentation there is at work the contrary force of social and religious solidarity".

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