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Myths and Realities of the Chiapas Uprising

Myths and Realities of the Chiapas Uprising James Petras Steve Vieux Without minimising the importance of the specificities of Chiapas or the relevance of race/class in defining the originality of the movement; the process of linking local peasant movements with urban activists follows a common pattern earlier played out in Indochina, China and in some parts of Latin America. What made the Zapatista uprising appear novel was the timing it occurred during a period of worldwide leftist retreat and in particular at a moment when other central American guerrilla movements were laying down their arms and entering into political deeds with the neo-liberals in power.

Neo-Liberalism and Daily Life

Neo-Liberalism and Daily Life James Petras Steve Vieux Data on the effects of unemployment, underemployment and low-paid employment in the US reveal a strong tendency for the downwardly mobile to direct their anger inward, to become depressed, hostile towards their family and to withdraw from neighbours, friends and former colleagues. This behaviour is aided by the major political parties, the mass media and academic publicists who point to the inevitability of 'globalisation', the virtues of 'market competitiveness and need' for labour flexibility which presents the problem of the individual victim as the product of impersotuil forces beyond her/his control.

Shrinking Democracy and Expanding Trade-New Shape of the Imperial State

Shrinking Democracy and Expanding Trade New Shape of the Imperial State James Petras Steve Vieux The new configuration of state power by neoliberalism depends upon the destruction of the chief 'countervailing powers' of the post-war boom years. The resulting organisational vacuum at the grass roots is the prime structural precondition for the growth of the ultra right. Unions, civil rights organisations and public interest groups have been the primary victims of this collapse of pluralism. It is a mistake for the Left to await salvation from the mechanical swing of the political pendulum or an economic crisis.

Selling Structural Adjustment-Intellectuals in Uniform

Intellectuals in Uniform Steve Vieux James Petras Beginning with a summary of the basic ingredients of structural adjustment policies and neo-liberal political economy this paper examines the intellectual roots of the approach in the works of the 'new political economy' school. It critically analyses the 'economic reform ' discourse, its methods and relevance to elite policy-makers, examining a series of propositions set forth by the ideologues of SAP dealing with the role of the state bureaucracy and the impact of adjustment in the late 1970s and 1980s.

From Little Rock to Wall Street-Clinton s Journey Beyond Reaganism

Clinton's Journey Beyond Reaganism James Petras Steve Vieux By initiating anti-poor labour laws, anti-black crime reforms and deducting healthcare expenditure to win over big business, the Clinton administration has staged one-upmanship over the Reagan-Bush era in pursuing 'right' policies.

Russia Transition to Underdevelopment

Russia: Transition to Underdevelopment James Petras Steve Vieux During the early Gorbachev years (1985-87) there was considerable debate over the alternatives of democratising the planning process and public enterprises and the privatisation of public property and 'market reform'. The fateful decision to turn (may from democratic reform of socialism in favour of capitalist restoration is at the root of the contemporary Russian tragedy.

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