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MADHYA PRADESH-Villagers Oppose Maheshwar Power Project

within which suicide became the answer Lowering pesticide levels is not the answer. One needs a shift to the new paradigm which is also a fresh ethical gestalt. In fact, the suicide of the agricultural workers echoes and parallels the emptiness of the Science Congress. Inadvertently pest and farmer are treated at the same level and overkill agriculture becomes a symbol of the current day. One is forced to ask, if the suicides were because of bad science, what were the good scientists doing? After alI, a spate of suicides took place under similar conditions in 1981-82. Can science function as an early warning system? How does one get out of iatrogenic agriculture and build the notion of diversity and equity that we bowdlerise and call food security? Part of the answer lies in history, for the sadness of cotton is nothing new. The work of the Cotton Research Group, and other economic historians shows that the tragedy of cotton goes into the colonial past. In fact, it begins with the colours of cotton itself.
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