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The National Rural Health Mission: A Stocktaking

The failure of decentralisation, the lack of inter-sectoral coordination, and the undermining of traditional health support are the reasons why the National Rural Health Mission has not delivered what it had set out to achieve.

Medical University:Failure and Opportunity

With the recent announcement delinking medical colleges from the newly-founded Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), an ill-planned exercise plagued by petty politics has come to a costly end. But this might just be the opportunity to create relevant training and educational resources for village/slum level health care through the MUHS and bring about a radical change in the health sector.

Who Cares?

There have been attempts of late to monitor and regulate the practice of health care. Several state governments, notably Maharashtra, have tried to introduce rules and regulations and introduce mandatory licensing of all medical practitioners by 'disqualifying' the unregistered and the unqualified. What really is the degree of quality of health care available in rural Maharashtra? Who are the village practitioners?

China: Reforms and Health Care

What has been the impact of reforms on Chinese health system and how is China responding to the situation?

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