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Patent System and Pharmaceutical Sector

Patent System and Pharmaceutical Sector H Ashok Chandra Prasad Shripad Bhat WHILE we arc not sure of the intention of Biswajit Dhar and C Niranjan Rao('Patent System and Pharmaceutical Sector1, EPW, October 2, 1993) in misinterpreting our analysis twisting our arguments and quoting from different places in the paper ('Strengthening India's Patent System: Implications for Pharmaceutical Sector', EPW, May 22, 1993) without spelling out the context, they do not seem to have been able to come to grips with the ongoing debate on Dunkel draft within the hard realities facing the developing countries and the findings of various research studies on the implications of different patent regimes and the desirability of strengthening patents to promote R and D and the growth of knowledge by protecting the interests of those involved in the process, especially in the context of the enormous costs involved in undertaking certain inventive activities. We do not consider it necessary to answer each of the remarks, academic and unacademic, made by the two critics. However, we wish to place some of the facts and arguments straight, lest the readers be unnecessarily misled by the strange arguments and misinterpretations of Dhar and Rao.

Strengthening Indias Patent System-Implications for Pharmaceutical Sector

This paper examines the factors behind the current demand for strengthening the Indian patents system and the effect of such strengthening on the pharmaceutical sector. Against the background of their study of these issues, the authors attempt to arrive at policy conclusions and to answer the following questions: (i) Should India amend its Patents Act, join the Paris Convention or toe the Dunkel line? (ii) If the Patents Act is to be amended, what are the modifications needed? And (iii) what policy changes are needed in the context of the pharmaceutical sector specifically?

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