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Hindustan Lever Limited

TABLE 4 : AVERAGE NUMBER OF DAYS OVER WHICH SALES ARE SPREAD mers take 150 days, medium farmers 140 days, and big farmers only 100 days. (This calculation can be done easily by picking up periods of sale in the decreasing order of the importance of sale.) Thus, in whatever way the matter is looked at, the big fanners seem to sell off whatever they want to sell of their paddy crops at a faster speed than do the small ones. Thus, at least in the district under study, the big farmers are by and large not the speculating and hoarding traders that they are often thought to be. This gets further support from the parallel finding that they do not seem to fetch better prices lor their paddy crops. The weighted averages of the prices received by these size-cate gories of farmers are presented in Table 5. As can be seen, if there is any price differential, it is in favour of the small farmers.

Hindustan Lever Limited-The Battle Against Inflation

Hindustan Lever Limited The Battle Against Inflation Speech by the Chairman, Shri V G Rajadhyaksha THE following Is the Speech delivered by Shri V G Rajadhyaksha, Chairman, at the annual general meeting of Hindustan Lever Limited, held at Bombay, on Thursday, June 8, 1972:
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