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Kosambi's Archaeology

D D Kosambi offered remarkable insights into the history of ancient India. Does his archaeology measure up to his history? The approach in this paper is to view the internal logic of his hypotheses in archaeology, and to ask if Kosambi did justice to the data available in his time. Did he present a sound data analysis that could be emulated, enlarged, or reworked? The answer has to be "no". Kosambi's site locations were not precise; he was not interested in the typology of stone tools; and his correlations of tool occurrences with sacred sites, of the tribe with an absence of plough agriculture, and of iron technology with agricultural surpluses, were flawed. Perhaps Kosambi's archaeology does not measure up to his history because for him archaeology was only an extension of history. But in order to work with the entities of archaeology, typology and classification are indispensable: as indispensable as is the knowledge of an ancient language for the historian. Failure to engage in the grammar of these entities and an ignorance of site formation processes give rise to faulty generalisation.

ARCHAEOLOGY- In Search of the Impossible

In Search of the Impossible The professional disgrace that Indian archaeology led itself into concerning Ayadhya is not only because of a diabolical conspiracy. There has been a general unconcern with method and even with the scope of the subject. This has left the field open for the mofussil town 'neta' to misappropriate available information, with all attendant vulgarity.

Traditional Technologies in Indian Agriculture

While the dominant view is that the traditional character of Indian agriculture has obstructed development, the interdisciplinary workshop on traditional technologies in agricuture conveyed another message. Though the glorification of old practices is uncalled for, identifying traditional technologies as being instrumental for rural povery is invalid.

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