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MAHARASHTRA- Government s War on Adivasis

of the Mamlatdar by getting the name of the purchaser-landlord registered as the tenant in the government records. When the purchaser came to take possession of the land, the actual tenant, again with the help of the team of volunteers referred to above, sought the help of the Mamlatdar, but the Mamlatdar said that he could do nothing in the matter. When the sowing season came, the original tenant started sowing on one side of the field and the usurper on the; other. One day there was an altercation between the two. The police have arrested the actual tenant and put him in custody, while the usurper has been left free to till the land. The team of volunteers is trying to appeal to the Prant Adhikari on behalf of the tenant; failing this, it hopes to appeal to the Tribunal.


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