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Will Increasing Minimum Support Price Cure Indian Agriculture?

The finance minister in the Union Budget 2018–19 has announced the proposal to fix the minimum support prices (MSP) at 50% in excess over the cost of production of crops. This article argues that even if it is implemented properly, the MSP will benefit only a small section of farmers. It argues that along with the MSP, proper implementation of non-price factors can have a far-reaching impact in terms of enhancing the livelihood security of the rural poor that constitutes the bulk of the Indian population.

Economic Reforms and Agricultural Growth in India

It was argued that economic liberalisation would ensure a favourable shift in the terms of trade for agriculture in India, enabling producers to plough back surplus from cultivation to make long-term improvements on land, and raise agricultural productivity and growth rate. Contrary to expectations, there was no noticeable improvement in the terms of trade for agriculture during the reform period. Moreover, decline in capital formation in agriculture, inadequate expenditure on irrigation and extension services in rural areas, and a dearth of cheap institutional credit, resulted in a slowdown of agricultural growth and heightened livelihood insecurity for a substantial proportion of those dependent on agriculture.

Death in Police Custody

We have watched with disgust and horror the brutal police assault on students during a peaceful demonstration organised by four Left students’ organisations on 2 April 2013 in Kolkata and the subsequent death of Sudipta Gupta, a participant in the demonstration, while in police custody. Sudipta was...

Impact of Fish Farming on Employment and Household Income

Prawn and fish farming is an important source of income and employment for the local populace in the Sunderban region in West Bengal. These have led to a dynamism in the local economy in these areas. The results of this study suggest that the impact of this development has been skewed, whereby a small section of the population with access to capital has enjoyed substantial benefits and a large majority of the population was left out of the development trajectory. This paper analyses the impact of prawn farming on employment and income on different sections of the population in the Sunderban estuarine region.
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