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Impact of Economic Reforms on Social Sector Expenditure in India

The economic crisis of 1990s was precipitated mainly by the growth of public expenditure in the 1980s. An attempt was made to resolve this crisis through the introduction of stabilisation and structural adjustment programmes. One of the important planks of the stabilisation measures was the compression of public expenditure. This has brought to the forefront the issue of "transitional social costs" of stabilisation. This paper attempts to analyse the social sector outlays of the central and the state governments in the pre-reform and post-reform period and assesses the impact these had on the social sector in India.

Tertiary Sector-Driven Growth in India

The analysis of the sectoral composition of GDP and employment for the period 1950-2000 shows that there has been a growing 'tertiarisation' of the structures of production and employment in India. The author emphasises the 'catalytic' role that can be played by the tertiary sector, at least in the medium term, in employment generation and poverty alleviation. However, in the long run the simultaneous growth of the three sectors is desirable.

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