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Some Issues of Growth and Profitability in Indian Public Sector Banks

Public sector banks face a triple jeopardy. First, they are losing market share; second, their profitability is being seriously squeezed; and, third, their balance sheets are not strong and their sovereign support, which had buttressed them so far, is becoming open to question. The reasons for this less-than-enviable condition of the public sector banks are many, but a principal operative factor derives from the nature of their ownership and what that translates into in terms of goals and priorities.

Setting SAIL on Difficult Passage to Recovery

There are only two possible ways of looking at the future of SAIL and of its constituent units. One is to separate out businesses that can survive and flourish in the current competitive environment and leave the basket cases for the surgery and intensive care they urgently require. The other is to pretend that nothing very much is wrong with SAIL which cannot be rectified by some thousands of crores of budgetary appropriations, dressed up as capital expenditure. If in the interim SAIL collapses, as Indian Iron has effectively done, that can be written off as one more victim of upstart reformist ideas.
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