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Unemployment in India-Temporal and Regional Variations

Unemployment in India Temporal and Regional Variations Satya Paul This paper attempts to measure temporal and regional variations in the level of unemployment in India using both the traditional measures and a set of new measures developed by the author which takes into account both intensity and distribution aspects of unemployment.

Green Revolution and Poverty among Farm Families in Haryana, 1969 70-1982 83

Of late there has been a debate on whether green revolution has reduced absolute poverty among farm families in India Most of the studies examining the issue relate to the all-India rural sector. But since the green revolution has not spread evenly in all the regions, the changes in the level of poverty reported in these studies do not strictly relate to the phenomenon. Haryana is one of those few regions where new agricultural technology has spread more widely than others and therefore the experience of its farmers should provide us a better picture of how poverty among farmers changes with the spread of new farming technology.

Green Revolution and Income Distribution among Farm Families in Haryana, 1969-70 to 1982-83

among Farm Families in Haryana,
Satya Paul This paper analyses income distribution among farm families in Haryana during 1969-70 to 1982-83. Apart from examining trends in real per capita income and in income inequality, the author investigates the effects of farm and non-farm source incomes on overall income inequality among farmers.

Personal Income Tax in India-Alternative Structures and Their Redistributive Effects

Quite apart from its role of raising revenue, the personal income tax has long been regarded as a potent weapon of effecting distributive justice. This paper examines, first, the structure of personal income tax in India to check the extent of progressivity inherent in its structure and, second, the redistributive effects of alternate income tax schedules that are (i) simpler in their structure, (ii) earn no less aggregate revenue, and (iii) are in consonance with the current thinking on taxation, in that the top marginal tax rates arc not too high.

Unemployment and Underemployment-in Rural India

Unemployment and Underemployment in Rural India Satya Paul This paper examines spatial and temporal variations in unemployment and underemployment in rural India. It identifies some of the important correlates of rural unemployment There is a discussion of the existing approaches to the measurement of unemployment and presentation of a conceptual framework for the measurement of underemployment. An examination of the unemployed by different characteristics such as occupation, education, level of consumption expenditure, age, etc, is also undertaken.

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