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Health Care Plan for Bhopal Disaster Survivors-Going Nowhere

Survivors Going Nowhere Satinath Sarangi THEsole trustee of the London-based Bhopal Hospital Trust set up by the Union Carbide Corporation, Ian Percival, has recently been served notice by the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Bhopal Division, for employing child labour in hazardous construction work, an offence punishable by imprisonment up to one year and fine up to Rs 20,000, As it has become clear that the Trust and the hospital under construction arc central to Union Carbide's two-pronged strategy of evading criminal liability for the genocide in Bhopal and presenting a humane image of itself. In April 1997 and then in January 1998, the government's labour officials have found that over 200 girls and boys as young as nine years of age are brought into the city from far-flung indigenous communities and are employed in the construction of the hospital.

Bhopal Gas Victims-Dismal Disbursal of Compensation

Government s compensation to Bhopal gas victims is inadequate and based on underassessment of injuries. Further, lack of proper procedures and delay in disbursal of the amount has encouraged corruption.

Bhopal Disaster Judiciary s Failure

Bhopal Disaster: Judiciary's Failure Satinath Sarangi The aftermath of the Bhopal disaster demonstrates the incapability of the legal and judicial system to provide justice to the victims of industrial disasters and of the failure of the system to act deferrently against industrial/environmental crimes.

ANDHRA PRADESH-A Tale of Two Industrial Estates

A Tale of Two Industrial Estates Satinath Sarangi Gary Cohen With economic liberalisation and the consequent dismantling of regulatory mechanisms industrial estates are littering the country. A closer look at what is happening in two of these industrial estates in Andhra Pradesh.

People s Struggle against DuPont in Goa

Gary Cohen Satinath Sarangi The people's struggle against the DuPont Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa, so far successful, is remarkable for many reasons, not the least being its grass roots nature combined with its extensive information base on DuPont and the chemicals which are to be manufactured and used at the plant.

Narmada Project Railroading Villagers

The monthly income of an inspector will run into a few lakhs which has to be shared with many others. A policeman is set up for the rest of his life, if he spends two or three years as an inspector in a place like Colaba or Dongri.

The Nightmare Begins-Oustees of Indira Sagar Project

While the government has formulated a rehabilitation policy for the oustees of the Narmada Valley Project the people of Navalkheda, a project-affected village in Madhya Pradesh, are being harassed into accepting meagre financial instead of land-for- land compensation.

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