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Measurement of Incidence of Undernutrition

Measurement of Incidence of Undernutrition Santi K Chakrabarti Manoj K Panda This paper discusses P V Sukhatme's approach to measurement of the incidence of undernutrition. While raising doubts about Sukhatme's criterion, the authors do not question his basic model of in- dividual calorie requirements. However, even after accepting the model together with Sukhatme's propositions about the distribution of different elements of intake as well as the joint distribution of intake and requirement, the authors argue for a cut-off line of calorie intake for measurement of poverty which is different from (mostly higher than) that advocated by Sukhatme.

Explaining Price Behaviour-Rejoinder

January 12, 1980 organised sectors exploit the less developed and less organised sectors. It is essentia] to counter and halt this process lest, as inter-industry and inter- enterprise disparities widen, it will inevitably endanger even the formal unity of the working classes. Above all, the process results in the entire capitalist organised sector exploiting the pre-capitalist, unorganised, predominantly rural, farming sector. The truth can no longer be concealed. The peasant is becoming aware of it; it will be only bourgeois politics to keep the "worker ignorant about it.

Recent Price Fluctuations in India-An Explanatory Note

An Explanatory Note Santi K Chakrabarti An attempt is made in this note to explain fluctuations in prices in India over the period 1971 to 1976. Three turning points in the price series are first identified and explained. The influence of some factors known to have a major impact on price behaviour is next examined in quantitative terms.
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