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Through a Glass, Nostalgically

ments of Myrdal in this section are not invalidated. They are very interesting. One may or may not agree with the Third World Theory and its divergent interpretations, yet its importance is undeniable, Myrdal's forthcoming book "Silk Road'', with information about the preparedness of the local population in Sinkiang and their perceptions of the Soviet Union add the world would be of interest to all of us. The book is a good introduction to Chinese Society and should be read in conjunction with his two earlier books.


'IT is not national unity that is at stake, but an imperial unity, and today's conscience does not accept empires." So said General Spinola in his book that has become famous "Portugal and the Future." But decolonisation is not an orderly Beating of the Retreat with everybody in step and no note out of tune. It is in fact a hurried and confused move in which the best laid plan goes all wrong. That the Portuguese are leaving their empire is now beyond doubt. But to predict the shape of things to come is not easy; the only thing certain is that somebody else's forecast is as likely to be wrong as one's own.


The Background Sankar N Maitra THE first thing to remember about the Portuguese African colonies is their antiquity. The navigator Diogo Can landed on the coast of Angola in 1482 when Lodi Sultans were reigning in Delhi, and the great Mogul dynasty had not yet begun. Luanda the capital was founded in 1576 long before the Pilgrim Fathers landed on the New England coast. Vasco Da Gama reached Mozambique in 1498 en route to India. Goa was taken in 1510 by Alfonso de Albuquerque, and soon the long chain of Portuguese trading posts and fortresses stretched all the way from Lisbon to Malacca. This was at The dawn of the expansion of Europe which the Portuguese proudly call seculo maravilloso

After Ceasefire What

After Ceasefire What?
Sankar N Maitra THE SIX-DAY WAR in the Middle East ended with a ceasefire three months ago but, peace has not yet descended on the Middle East. Meanwhile, there is not even an armistice but a curious no-war-no- peace which keeps nations in suspense.

Prospects of Arab-Israeli Peace

increase Strictly speaking 1951-55 is also not a very proper base period is the upswing in industrial investment began only after 1956. Further, Suitable and reliable financial statements are available generally only 3ince 1956. The most appropriate base period would then be 1956-60.

A New Look at Foreign Policy

Sankar N Maitra Though for a time, at the height of the cold war, India's position was exaggerated out of all proportion as the leader of the so-called 'third bloc', it is unrealistic to expect India to play a leading role in international affairs

Importance of Cultivating the Overseas Chinese

Sankar N Maitra Although we have only a small community of Chinese in India, we have to take notice of the overseas Chinese in South-East Asia.
Our attitude to the question of overseas Chinese in this area can be an important factor in our relations with the governments of the countries which have large Chinese populations.

Ills of the Indian Foreign Service-A Comment

coefficient is its standard error.
3 See "Report of the Energy Survey of India Committee", Government of India, New Delhi, 1965,
4 The question whether one should use the Shadow' rate of return on capital in investment calculations is not relevant here for the reason that we are concerned with only what the plan invest- ment estimates include and not what they ought to include.

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