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Little Nationalism Turned Chauvinist-A Comment

Little Nationalism Turned Chauvinist A Comment Sanjib Kumar Baruah AMALENDU GUHA's 'Little Nationalism Turned Chauvinist' (EPW, Special Number, October 1980) is a welcome contribution towards an understanding of an issue which continues to elude a solution and on which left opinion in the country remains far from unanimous. Guha is a pioneer social and economic historian of medieval and modern Assam, No student of Assam can avoid a debt to his writings. His article on the Assam movement raises some important questions on how Marxists and progressives should approach the nationality question in India in general and the Assam issue in particular.

ASSAM-I Beyond Patriots and Traitors

Emotions run very high in Assam these days, There are only 'patriots' who support the movement and 'traitors' who betray the cause. There is little room for any other position. It is perhaps a mark of the intensity of passions that Hiren Gohain assumes that there is an Assamese patriot lurking behind any critique of his position. 

ASSAM-Cudgel of Chauvinism or Tangled Nationality Question?

Hiren Gohain's characterisation of the recent events of Assam (EPW, February 23) as chauvinism is not a novel one. Much of the national press, notably The Statesman, has been saying precisely that ever since the movement in Assam on the foreigners issue started nearly six months ago. 

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