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Just Us

Rejecting the politics of identity and victimhood, Practicing Caste articulates the politics of radical narcissism of a “just us” that tries to disinherit the knowledge on caste received from the classical Sanskrit texts, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. It strives to dispossess itself of caste as a marker of injustice in India. It presents a tropology that studies caste as the regulation of touch/untouch, pitching it at the level of intelligibility of the assembly language of computers that does not presuppose anything like a meaningful social whole.

Mathematical Idea and Cinematic Image

The objective of this paper is to identify two important hurdles in the path of establishing links between art and mathematics. These problems arise from the difficult relationship art and mathematics have with technology and the discourse of social sciences. Hence we take cinema, the art form of the age of technology, as the focus of our enquiry. By rethinking the relationship cinema and mathematics have with digital technology, we can begin to offer a meeting point for both art and mathematics.

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