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Rural Development Strategies

Another example quoted is the effort to control smallpox where immunisation levels achieved were 59 per cent by 1935 and 70 per cent by 1936. Given the present understanding of the use of vaccine against smallpox, it appears that the above levels of immunisation would have only played a limited role in the decline of smallpox. Apart from these two diseases, for which at least some data are quoted, the authors also mention hookworm and filaria for which programmes were initiated as late as 1931 and 1950. Firstly neither of these in any way explain the initial decline in mortality; secondly, no data are presented to show that there was any real decline in these over the years under study.

Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Seventh Plan-An Appraisal

An attempt has been made in this paper to review the main poverty alleviation programmes in the rural sector in the light of the experience in implementing them in the Sixth Plan. The view that emerges is that these programmes suffer primarily from a lack of conceptional clarity and an inadequate understanding of the complex nature of the environment in which they have to be implemented. It is thus the programme design which needs to be reviewed, taking into account the implications of the 'environmental

The Dantwala Committee and After-Reply

3 Of course, the number of employers may be in any case small in smaller villages. But we have checked that out of all villages where 7 or fewer employers account for most of casual labour employment, in 57 per cent of them the number of such dominant employers is significantly less than that of big farmers (presumably the major employers of labour) in the village. We should also note that the number of labour families per head of such dominant employers in the village is higher for advanced than backward villages (62 on an average for the former arid 42 for the latter).

The Dantwala Committee and After

Sandeep Bagchee Aruna Bagchee This article examines the Report (submitted in 1968), of the Working Group appointed by the Planning Commission to prepare the guidelines for block level planning, and the finalised guidelines issued to all the states.

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